Services we provide for Special Effects Makeup include the following. At times, we use airbrush and alcohol-based products to ensure the makeup last throughout an event or during filming. Many clients have commended us for the way we handle products and equipments especially in terms of hygiene. We even pre-wash the clothes we prepared for our talents to ensure they feel comfortable in wearing the outfit. Our team is trained and frequently mentored by overseas professional Makeup Artists who work in Hollywood movies. Our makeup effects supplies are mostly purchase from the same Hollywood supplier as movies such as Resident Evil and Walking Dead. We only buy products and equipments from authorised distributors.

In addition to makeup for human, we have also been ask to create freaky dead dolls for an art installation at Cineleisure Orchard.

Special Effects Makeup: Life Casting | Head Casting | Customised Prosthetics | Customised Dentures | Trauma | Bruises, Cuts, Scars | Perspiration | Bullet Wounds | Burns | Wrinkled Skin | Old Age Makeup | Changing Facial Features | Beards & Moustaches | Bald Cap | Tattoo Cover Up | Scar Cover Up

Character, Stage, Drama, Film: Character Makeup | Clown & Animal Face | Face Painting | Body Painting | Stage Beauty Makeup | Peking Opera | Tramp Makeup | Horror | Ageing Look

Props Making: Body Parts | Facial Hair | Dentures | Painting on Mannequins / Dolls

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We also offer various types of makeup classes halloween horror makeup. We are regularly engaged by companies to conduct private makeup classes for their staff. More details are available at JR Makeup Class.

Raised Scar Makeup
Wound Makeup Effects Burn Makeup Effects Wound Makeup Effects
Zombie Makeup Trauma Makeup for Zombie Race 2013 Horror Makeup
Prop - Dead Doll Prop - Severed Fingers Prop - Decapitated Limbs
Zombie Burger
Zombie Makeup Zombie Makeup