Makeover Magix - Makeup Artist
Rezani and with two other Makeup Assistants – Wati Manson and Summer Teh.


On Makeover Magix:

“The makeup experience we had was excellent. Prompt response despite short notice on event. Flexible in payment arrangement. Make-up artists were very professional (prompt and competent) and have good interaction with team. The makeup artists demonstrated lots of passion in make-up despite rushed timing.” – Dennis Quek, Shell Chemicals engaged Makeover Magix for a Zombie-theme Dinner & Dance event for Shell Staff.

“Thanks so much for all the help provided in getting the clothes and all for us! Clients were happy with the zombie makeup and also of course their acting:)” – Lim Xiang Jun, Project Producer, THIS IS ANAGRAM, Fox Asia The Walking Dead Terminus Escape Event 2014.

“I cannot express how happy I was with my makeup on my wedding day! I knew straightaway that you were the perfect makeup artist from my trial as we discussed my requirements. My sisters and even my mother were so pleased with their makeup on the day. I can’t thank you enough! All I can say is thanks for making me look picture perfect!” – Niken Pandanarum engaged Makeover Magix for her wedding. Makeover Magix also did the makeup and hair for Nik’s mum and 2 sisters.

“Many thanks to Makeover Magix for presenting us in such grace and gradeur for our various segments during event. This is one dedicated team, might I add, I know many of us girls had met up with our makeup artists (MUA) for discussions to present our best and the MUAs had also spent time and effort to help search for accessories to match the outfits. Thanks to Zann Toh, my MUA for taking the extra mile by shopping for accessories with me, and for your professional advice on the hairdos, glad I’m in your good hands!” – Raine Lim, Contestant, Bride of Singapore 2011/2012

“I would love to thank Carol, who made my hair fantastic.. I love the roses. 🙂 Also, for being sweet and reminding me to remove my makeup properly.. MANY MANY thanks to all the others too for making it all possible! 😀 U have all been sweet and nice.. ♥” – Angela Lai, Contestant, Bride of Singapore 2011/2012

“Thank you for sponsoring our hair and makeup for such an important day! Each and every makeup artist were so professional, so talented and creative when we explored the various looks we could style, especially the 2 ladies who worked with me: Hamshala Ariaratnam and Nana. I was in awe of their talented hands and enjoyed beng their model! You were all so friendly, approachable and willing to help us, right from the start (the trial sessions) to the planning , to the exploring and researching of looks or styles, to all the emails, to the actual day preparations, and even backstage touching up. Being a model for the past 4 years, I have met countless Makeup Artists, and I can say, assuredly that you and your team will go very far! You guys not only have the talents, you have the heart for the models you work on, as well. Once again, I thank you for the opportunity to work together with you all! And indeed, i am looking forward for future chances of collaborations with you all, be it on a personal basis or if you do have modelling jobs / collaborations opened for me! – Louisa Althea Tay, 3rd Runner-up, Bride of Singapore 2011/2012

“Please help me say thanks to all the hair & makeup artist! Especially Dolly, who helped me doll up! You girls are damn awesome to have gone the extra mile by even helping us with wardrobe changing and malfunctions 🙂 Hope to work with you girls again!” – Sherie Ang, Contestant, Bride of Singapore 2011/2012

“The ‘Great Gatsby’ is a tricky theme to work around, but Rezani and her hairstylist sidekick Michelle clearly did a lot of research and preparation leading up to the UNIFEM SNOW 2011 Gala Dinner. As one of the emcees for the evening, I received numerous compliments on my 1920s make up and hairstyle thanks to the creativity and professionalism of Rezani and Michelle!” – Zhang Tingjun, Emcee, Speaker & Catalyst,

“Makeover Magix assisted to provide makeup and hair services for our anti-smoking event, BFF 2011, at Orchard Central. The make-up artists provided were very skilful, professional and cheerful to work with, and the girls really enjoyed themselves being under their care. We would definitely look to working with them again.” – Grace Chong Siew Lin, YWLC Community Engagement Representative, Young Women’s Leadership Connection

“Makeover Magix did a splendid job. We engaged them for a company event and I was initially quite worried of how the outcome would turn out. Thankfully, the make-up artists were experienced and able to foresee what colours were best suited for my colleagues and I. One of the makeup artists convinced my colleague to put on fake eyelashes, something any make-up artist has never managed to before. The end result was amazing and the make-up stayed on throughout the night.  She wasn’t expecting them to do much for her hair, so she was pleasantly surprised when the hairstylist suggested braiding it in an elegant manner like they did in the movies.  They put in a lot of effort to ensure we looked our best for the night, and I will definitely be engaging their services again,” – Yao Wei Qi, Operations Manager – Events, on behalf of the organising committee for Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards 2011, LightHouse Independent Media Pte Ltd

“Smartmat Media highly rates the team from Makeover Magix because they are specialised in their field. Also, they have continuously shown great professionalism that is exemplary. We will definitely not hesitate to engage and collaborate with Makeover Magix in future projects,” – Suffian Zain, Creative Director, Smartmat Media

On Rezani Ramli:

“Great service! – Ben Rose, engaged Rezani for a character face painting.

“Rezani was punctual and professional. She did a thorough cover up of the scar on my back so I could wear my dream wedding dress. Much appreciated. Thank you!” – Audrea Cheang, engaged Rezani for scar concealing.

“Thanks a lot, it was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for your great work. Love it especially the hair :)” – Suhaila, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo.

“I am Dept Head Makeup Artist for a Michael Mann film shooting this summer in Malaysia. Rezani Ramli was part of my makeup crew and was hired to do a complex special effects  makeup for a scene in the film. The makeup she did was fantastic, realistic, and effective. She was a true team player and worked with confidence and skill. If I ever need a makeup artist in this part of the world again Rezani would be my first choice. If you have any doubt give me a call! Thanks again Rezani!” – Jane Galli, an Award Winning Makeup Artist from Hollywood who has done movies such as Cowboys & Aliens, Knight & Day and The Back-up Plan.

“I have worked with Rezani on many photo shoots sins 2010. I find her very friendly & professional. Rezani really gives perfect foundation coverage and is amazing at the eye makeup. She listened to requests and also offered advices and recommendations. I enjoy working with Rezani as she always keeps up with whats going on in the fashion world and is able to portray this with her use of make-up. Technically, in my opinion she is one of Singapore’s best make-up artists and works great under pressure.” – Elena Gorbatenko, Photographer, Solo Step Studio.

“When I first laid my eyes on Makeover Magix – Makeup Artist & Hairstylist website, I sensed that, the portfolio can only belong to NO LESS than a versatile makeup artist, with a multi-national savour… You’ll get the feel that they are fully engaged with you, starting from the beginning to the end of your discourse, and this is only possible with a professional service and hospitality. Trial-makeup is done with so much care and attentive to detail, that all you need is a good pair of heels to match with your so-called preview of what the eventual day would be like. I am enlightened to discover their technique in airbrush makeup, which I thought, only practical on a piece of canvas. But just like a Fine Art artist who desire a finer tune in his/her masterpiece, in terms of a proximity and coverage, airbrush is a revolutionary option for light to heavy makeup. Like any goodwill diary, I would like to convey my accolade to Rezani Ramli, the proud owner, and a PRO herself for following up, and going through the process of my journey in ‘Mrs Singapore 2013’ pageantry. It is a NO WONDER that a former corporate office lady like her, to pursue a career in the beauty industry; her professionalism still works, and MY makeup stays- with Makeover Magix.” – Nuraiza Knuettel, Mrs Singapore Goodwill 2013 ♥

“During my trial makeup, I decided to go for creme makeup on one side of my face and airbrush on the other side of my face. I noticed that the airbrush makeup feels so much lighter on my skin from the application & all the way to the end result. I feel uncomfortable with the cream one. Its feels like it sits heavily on my skin,” – Nuraiza Knuettel, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo.

“I was amazed on the make up technique. The airbrush make up was beautiful and flawless. My make up stayed fresh the whole time. Thank you again.” – Nora Rashid, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo

“Thanks Rezani! We received many compliments at our company’s Dinner & Dance! The hair and makeup you did definitely added to the atmosphere. Thank u once again!” – Lim Rui Ting, Senior HR Executive at Pico Art International Pte Ltd, engaged Rezani for Makeup and Hairstyling (Theme: Carnival / Clown)

“Your work is as brilliant as the film has turned out to be.” – Anirudya Mitra, Creative Consultant at MD Entertainment & Co-Producer for Habibie & Ainun movie

“This was my first experience working with Rezani on film and it was great. We were making biopic movie about Indonesia’s 3rd President, BJ Habibie and I needed people who understand high standards of make up and are also skillful in special effects makeup. Our actor is in his mid of 20’s but we needed to make him look old and mature like when Habibie was at the age of 50s, 60s and 70s. I love her work and all the efforts she did for our film. Rezani is very good in detail and works very fast also.” – Faozan Rizal, Cinematographer/Director for Habibie & Ainun movie

“You were such a blast to work with! Amazing work!!” – Jen Amber, International Model

“Really glad I got to meet you! You’re such an awesome Makeup Artist! So patient with my requests always. Had such fun these 2 weeks working with you.” – Cheryl Alle, Talent for Halloween Horror 2011 at Universal Studio, Singapore. Rezani did zombie character makeup on Cheryl.

“The skillfull and magic hands of Rezani Ramli made me look beautiful on my company D&D 2011. My friends could not recognise me and they said I look so differrent and beautiful. Thank you so much for your good work, keep it up Rezani!” – Sakinah Ali, Siemens Medical Instruments Pte Ltd, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo

“It was really a pleasure working with Rezani.The makeup was perfectly done and she took care of very tiny details. Love love her !!!!! Thanks again Rezani !!!!!” – Sheila De Niro, Vocal Trainer, School of Music Clef, engaged Rezani for Basic Makeup & Hairdo

“I highly appreciate her spontaneous “yes” in willing to train me when I first approached her.This being a one to one session unlike the group classes made a huge difference and have gained immensely with the individual attention I was given.The makeup notes given to me is very informative and shall definitely serve as a guide for me henceforth. Besides, I admire the combination of your professionalism and friendliness which just made me feel so comfortable in asking all the questions. Indeed she is such a talented person and have so much to share on the various make up tips.” – Kavitha Gowda, Engineer engaged Rezani for a 1-on-1 Makeup Lesson.

“The skillful hands of Rezani made me look beautiful on Pesta Perdana 2011. I was there to accompany my husband and she ensured that I look glamorous to suit the event. When it comes to make up, I believe getting the foundation right is the first most important factor. Most Makeup Artist have this problem but not for Rezani, she was able to get it right, my foundation suits my skin tone really well. To top it all the eye shadows and everything else were awesome too.She was able to accomodate my request based on the look I requested at the same time apply and gave me her expert opinions. I received a lot of compliments on that special night. I will definately recommend Rezani for anyone who wants to look glamorous for any occasions.” – Siti Hazlina Umar, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo (Siti’s husband is the Executive Producer at Media Reel Pte Ltd. The dramas produced by Media Reel for Medicorp TV Suria Channel won Best Supporting Actor and Actress, and Best Theme Song at Pesta Perdana 2011)

“I like her professional service and the eye makeup was superb!! I love those glitters as well. Thank you for the wonderful service.” – Hapsari Marsden, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo. (Hapsari won No. 1 position (Ladies Category) at Muscle and Fitness War 2011 held on 22 Jan 2011 in Singapore)

“Rezani is really a makeover magician! Her Gothic makeover on Quraisha rocks! Really interesting. Nice work, highly recommended for sure!” – Jay Nodalo, Freelance Photographer
On Shikin Khalid (Makeup Artist / Hairstylist):

“A week after my wedding, guests are still complimenting your good job! The makeup you did for me was so nice and perfect for every of my outfit. Thank you to Paola Alejandra Monasterios Wong and you for the service rendered to me. Both of you really treated me like the Queen of the Day – ensuring all my needs were met! Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make our wedding celebration a successful one. We will not hesitate to recommend your services to our friends and relatives. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and projects!” – Norashikin and Md Shafie engaged Shikin through Makeover Magix for Bridal Makeup & Hairdo

On Iryne Liang (Makeup Artist / Hairstylist):

“I love her work. I was amazed at her artwork when she showed me how the drawings will look like. She had a vision and yes, what I had in mind, it was painted on my face flawlessly. Thumbs up for her creativity and her flare in makeup.” – Julaiha Batcha engaged Iryne through Makeover Magix for themed makeup. (Julaiha won 1st prize in a Best Dressed Competition for a Halloween Party held at Clarke Quay on 30 November 2010)