Services we provide for Makeup Effects include the following. Recently, we have also been ask to create freaky dead dolls for an art installation at Cineleisure Orchard.

Special Effects Makeup: Life Casting | Head Casting | Customised Prosthetics | Customised Dentures | Bruises, Cuts, Scars | Perspiration | Bullet Wounds | Burns | Wrinkled Skin | Old Age Makeup | Changing Facial Features | Beards & Moustaches | Bald Cap | Tattoo Cover Up | Scar Cover Up

Character, Stage, Drama, Film: Character Makeup | Clown & Animal Face | Face Painting | Body Painting | Stage Beauty Makeup | Peking Opera | Tramp Makeup | Horror | Ageing Look

Props Making: Body Parts | Facial Hair | Dentures | Painting on Mannequins / Dolls

We are probably the only makeup effects artists in Singapore to have created an old age makeup ranging from age 50 to 90 years old. The video for this is still being produced and will be release by end of year 2018.

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Wound Makeup Effects Burn Makeup Effects Wound Makeup Effects
Zombie Makeup Zombie Makeup