We respond to all your makeup needs. Whether it is the usual Bridal Makeup, Dinner Makeup, ROM Makeup, Halloween Makeup, Special Effects Makeup, Makeup Lessons, Old Age Makeup, Zombie Makeup or something that no other Makeup Artist does such as props and prosthetics making (fake ear, teeth, baldcaps, dead doll painting, intestines, fake blood), feel free to get in touch with us. Our team is not your ‘regular’ Makeup Artist. We love to innovate and create new stuff that no other Makeup Artists in Singapore want to do or can do. Check out this link for more of the services we provide.

For quotations and appointments, please contact Rezani Ramli by :
Email: [email protected] (preferred)
Mobile: +65 9666 0557

We may not be able to respond immediately if we are on set because mobile phones need to be silent all the time, but rest assured we will respond to you as soon as the camera is switched off.

For those who would like to learn the skills and technique of applying makeup, please check out JR Makeup Class.