The new trend in makeup is natural, fresh and glowing faces. Cakey, over powdered and masked skin are look fake and outdated. A great makeup makes us feel comfortable no matter how long our days are. A great makeup is also something that both men and women of any age can benefit from. We need a makeup that is lightweight and looks very natural – yet let us have a flawless and perfect complexion.

Good news is these are all achievable with Airbrush Makeup. Airbrush makeup is actually not a new concept to the makeup industry.

For those who have never tried Airbrush Makeup and are curious to know what it is, below are some explanations on this technology. Feel free to send more questions to [email protected].

What is Airbrush Makeup and how does it work?

Common makeup application use sponges and brushes. With Airbrush Makeup, the makeup is sprayed on through an air compressor as a fine mist of color that gently covers the skin, giving the appearance of a flawless complexion. Spraying microdots of makeup that rest on the surface of the face looks more natural than traditional makeup because it is not rubbed into the skin and does not exaggerate the pores. This process is hygenic and allows the Airbrush makeup to conceal better while enabling your skin to breathe. Airbrush makeup dries to a matte finish on contact with the skin and is water-resistant. Men love it because it is so lightweight that they don’t feel like they are wearing makeup.

The concept is the same to that or painting cars, except, for makeup application, the pressure applied is much lesser.

How did Airbrush Makeup started?

The first Airbrush was developed by Abner Peeler using mostly spare parts from a jeweler’s workshop. 4 years later a company by the name of Liberty Walkup began marketing Peeler’s invention. Airbrush was then meant for the painting of watercolors and other artistic purposes and used a hand-operated compressor.

Airbrush was first used in film industry in 1958 when MGM began production on their epic film Ben-Hur (1959). The Makeup Artists, in order to be more efficient, applied faux tan to thousands of extras who were supposed to be Romans.

When did Airbrush Makeup become popular?

Airbrush Makeup became more popular in the 1970s especially for character and special effects makeup application. Today Airbrush makeup is more or less mandatory especially for High Definition (HD) cameras. The tiny pixels of foundation give the same effect as what the digital camera sees. A person’s own skin tone comes through, giving a natural appearance, clean, color correct and lightweight—yet still offer the coverage needed to make the person on camera look great. In the recent years, most Makeup Artists in the States and UK, including bridal Makeup Artists have adopted to using Airbrush Makeup as opposed to traditional crème-based makeup.

What are the benefits of Airbrush Makeup?

As compared to traditional foundations which can feel and look thick and caked-on, airbrush makeup leaves you with a light feel and flawless finish without masking your face in heavy foundations. It is also long lasting and has the ability to make you look fresh all day. Depending on skin conditions, and if you are in a country with humid climate, all you need to do is simply blot any moisture or oil and gently apply normal press powder. Airbrush makeup will not fade or melt, but yet can be easily cleansed away with normal makeup remover. It is a very hygienic makeup application as there is no direct contact with the skin.

Airbrush Makeup rests on top of the skin instead of being pressed (or almost spackled) into the pores like with traditional makeup. The Airbrush method allows your skin to breath by creating a light veil of product while still allowing for a full coverage.

Can Airbrush Makeup covers imperfection?

The wide range of colors and the Airbrush technique allow  for coverage of any skin imperfection effortlessly. Bruises, birthmarks, tan lines, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Vitiligio, tattoos, scars and even freckles can be camouflaged completely or significantly improved in appearance.

Is Airbrush Makeup only meant for people with bad skin condition?

This is not true. Airbrush makeup is meant for everyone. Airbrush makeup is a technique of makeup application. There are many cosmetics ranging from water-based, silicon-based and alcohol-based to suit all skin conditions. The Makeup Artist just needs to know and use the makeup brands / types that suits a person’s facial condition or the purpose of the makeup – whether it is for bridal, underwater shoot or special effects makeup. Airbrush makeup is very lightweight and can be applied from light to medium to thick coverage depending on what you need. Never let anyone deprived you of using the latest technology in makeup with baseless rumours. Airbrush makeup is huge in Hollywood. Just google ‘Airbrush Makeup’ and you will see hundreds of pages of positive reviews.

Why is Airbrush Makeup a MUST for today?

In the past, film and television makeup was exaggerated so that the actors did not appear to be washed out. Cameras, lighting, and viewing quality were not as clear and exact.

Over the years technology has evolved and there are now High Definition (HD) Camera and TV. With HD, every line, blemish, and blend can be seen clearly. As a result, today’s film and television makeup need to be adjusted to fit the need for perfection and precision by relying on airbrush makeup. Airbrush makeup is the only makeup that is suitable for the new “High Definition” standard in television.

Will airbrush makeup withstand sunny weather?

This is subjected to the makeup brand used by the Makeup Artists. Makeover Magix has done countless events and filming where the talents and models (even us, the Makeup Artists!) are exposed to sunny Singapore, Indonesia and Germany (Summer) weather. We never had to touch up the foundations at all, which makes the filming / photoshoot duration completes earlier. The makeup we use do not have ‘melting’ effect as the common creme / liquid foundations.

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What common Airbrush Makeup brands are there?

Common airbrush makeup brands are Dinair, Temptu, Kett, Isolde, Luminess and Makeup Forever HD Foundation can also be used on an airbrush with the help of a dilutant.

If you are interested to enter the world of airbrush makeup, do contact us to get your first set of compressor, airbrush and the makeup brands that will suit your skin. We also offer personalised workshop on airbrush makeup for DIY end-user and Makeup Artists. Visit JR Makeup Class for more information.

Clients’ Review

“During my trial makeup, I decided to go for creme makeup on one side of my face and airbrush on the other side of my face. I noticed that the airbrush makeup feels so much lighter on my skin from the application & all the way to the end result. I feel uncomfortable with the cream one. Its feels like it sits heavily on my skin,” -Nuraiza Knuettel, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo for Mrs Singapore Pageant.

“I was amazed on the make up technique. The airbrush make up was beautiful and flawless. My make up stayed fresh the whole time. Thank you again.” – Nora Rashid, engaged Rezani for Glam Makeup & Hairdo

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