Makeup Artist - Cosmetics


What products do you use?

Our Makeup Artists use products by Bobbi Brown, Dior, Kett Cometics, Kiko by Milano, Kryolan, MAC, Makeup Forever, NYX Cosmetics, Obsessive Compulsive, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, Temptu, Urban Decay.

For Special Effects Makeup, most of our materials including scar material, crepe hair and blood are specially flown in from the United States & United Kingdom. These are materials commonly used in Hollywood movies. Examples of brands are Skin Illustrator and 3rd Degree.

Feel free to let us know if you prefer to use your own products.

Is a trial makeover necessary?

We highly recommend trial makeup for bridal, competition, filming or major events involving special effects makeup.

How long does it take to do a complete makeover?

Makeup usually takes about 45 minutes and hairstyling, about 30 minutes. The exact timing will depend on one’s facial feature and hair condition. There will usually be a makeup set up time of 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on the scale of the project.

What happens if I have an extra person who would like a makeover at the last minute?

We will try to accommodate your request provided that there is no conflict with our schedule.

How long can my makeup last and what do I need for touch ups?

Your makeup will last for many hours. For most skin conditions, airbrush makeup tends to last much longer as compared to creme / liquid foundations. Minor touch ups will be needed for makeup to remain matte all day. The only products necessary after 3-4 hours will be facial blotter, pressed powder & lipstick / lip gloss. If you have a very oily face, we recommend that you engage the makeup artist to be on standby throughout the entire event.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Please click here to read more on Airbrush Makeup.

How do I confirm booking for the makeup / hair services?

We will send you an invoice and you will be required to pay 50% deposit to secure the booking. Payment can be made by interbank transfer or Paylah. Payment details will be stated in the invoice.

Why are there no BEFORE & AFTER Makeup in the portfolio section? 

We are not in favour of featuring our clients, models or talents bare face – without makeup. Natural face without makeup is God created face. You are born with it. Who are we to claim that our makeup makes you look better? We would rather feature them looking differently in the various makeup designs we created on them.

Airbrush Tattoo / Scar Cover: How well does it work?

For tattoo covers, we usually use alcohol-based foundations. Whilst the coverage tend to last longer than creme or silicone liquid foundations, they are still makeup layered on top of skin. The coverage will not last as long as compared to dry and cool climate of other countries since Singapore’s weather is hot and humid. Individual body heat and temperature plays a part too. It looks perfectly covered for the first few hours but as the body heats up, the coverage becomes slightly translucent / fade showing the tattoo underneath. Since the colours sit on top of the skin, if there is any contact with a person, fabric or other things, it might cause the makeup to scratch or fade.

For raised scars or raised and bumpy tattoos, do note the texture is already on the skin. The makeup can cover the colours of the scar and tattoo, but it will not be able to hide the textures.

For tattoo covers to work well, it is advisable to engage a Makeup Artist to standby throughout your event to fix any touch up required. Tattoo coverage looks real and great at a distance or glance such as fashion shows or in filming – but if you are attending an interview especially with airlines where there is close up inspection, it will not be an advisable solution.

Do you conduct makeup lessons?

Yes, we do. Please visit JR Makeup Class for more information on types of classes and schedule.